Colleen Doyle, Backyard Safari Enthusiast

What if…

What if we got people back into the garden.

What if we had a way to connect with the earth and ourselves. What if we allowed our feet like sandbags to drain all of the energy and anxiety out of our heads and we allowed the weight of our sand filled-feet pulled us into the ground, into the garden. What if we enveloped ourselves in the outside word and allowed the the erotic beauty of the flora and fauna to center us, ground us, finding us focused and alive. What if we stopped the monkey mind and took in the aromatic wonder of dirt, letting it teach us breathe, letting us be still, awake and fully alive. What if we stepped away from the screens and took a whole afternoon, a day or a week to break away from the chains of technology, info wars, division and hate. What if the medicine we need was right outside our door in the fragrant, alive, microbes of the soil. This is my journey into both sanity and sanctity. Come with me. Grounded gardens.

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